Features of The Chandefleur

  • Bluetooth Speaker LED bulb for playing music 

  • Group up to 10 chandeliers on one tablet/device (Tablet included on upgraded package)

  • JBL Harman speaker bulb for playing music (Available on Upgraded package)

  • Wifi bulbs that integrate with Amazon and Google for voice command features

  • Control your chandelier, time lights, dimmable, change colors and functions on app.

The Chandefleur

is the first multi-purpose chandelier of it's kind and there is no other like it. These chandeliers are handmade in the USA with a unique and beautiful design incorporating textiles, crystals and flowers. We all know textiles and floristry are huge trends in hospitality and home decor, but the classic design and the technology make this a stand out for years to come.

We have not only created a new home decor trend but a new hotel amenity as well. Hotel guests can enjoy creating a wake up call to soothing music instead of an abrupt telephone ring. They can stream music, podcast and more from the chandeliers. 

We can group several light fixtures to be controlled by one device. Hotel management can also use these chandeliers in lobbies,restaurants, bars, meeting rooms and other communal spaces. We can custom make any color size or style for home or hospitality decor.